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Technology is revolutionizing the warehousing industry, giving businesses a chance to be more efficient and effective than ever before. From day-to-day optimization of operations to end-to-end fulfillment solutions, it all adds up – making scalability easier for everyone! It’s no wonder why companies are relying on that extra helping hand with their warehousing needs. A Warehouse And Fulfillment solution provider like VLS, one of the Top Warehousing Companies, offers end-to-end fulfillment solutions to store the inventory, pack the products, and ship them on your behalf. 

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Exceptional Warehouse and Fulfillment

Warehousing is a big part of your e-commerce business. At VLS we will collaborate with you to create a strategic plan for warehousing and fulfillment.

What We Do For Warehousing

We understand warehousing is crucial to your business. That’s why when you are choosing a 3PL partner, you need someone to treat your products like their own. At VLS we handle everything for you – this includes inventory reception, picking, packing, shipping and any other customized order fulfillment needs you may have. VLS stands ahead of the crowd with it comes to warehousing and fulfillment.


When we receive your products at VLS we instruct our team to start unloading your products within 24 hours. Once that has been completed we will log it in our system and it will be ready for pick and pack.

Picking & Packing

Once an order is placed from your customer online our team will begin to start the picking and packing process. One of our team members will: pick the right items out, scan them for accuracy, and hand it to our packer who will then securely package the product.

Order Fulfillment & Shipping

Our industry leading accuracy means paired with our great relationships with UPS, FedEx, and USPS, means your customers’ orders arrive correctly and on time. Not only that, but as a VLS client you gain access to our heavily discounted rates.

What is Warehousing?

Warehousing is the essential cog in an eCommerce business – it ensures products are stored safely, tracked easily and delivered quickly. Products can be kept neatly organized for easy browsing or shifted swiftly to meet customer demand. Warehouses bring goods right up close to customers, so what’s needed arrives just when they want it.  Here are some of the top reasons that businesses need Warehouse And Fulfillment facilities by one of the Top Warehousing Companies:
  • For seasonal products that are only manufactured during a particular time, warehousing is required to ensure availability during the off-season.
  • Some products get manufactured throughout the year, but their demand rises only in a particular season. In this case, warehousing is essential as well.
  • A warehouse is required for companies that opt for large-scale production to ensure the demands are met quickly.
  • Warehousing by the Best E-commerce Fulfillment Services helps to track the production and movement of goods to ensure that the companies keep producing the goods continuously.
  • The government stores essential goods in warehouses and handles the supply in the market.
  • A trading agent who imports goods from another country in bulk stores all the products in the warehouse and divides them into parts to supply to the customers easily.

Types of Warehouses and Features

Private Warehouse

Private warehouses are owned and operated by business owners to fulfill their storage needs or by the Best Ecommerce Fulfillment Services. Not all business owners can afford to operate their own warehouses because it requires a sizable investment. Large Companies that need more storage capacity can benefit from private warehouses to manage their sales and shipping.

Public Warehouse

Public Warehouse And Fulfillment facility offers storage facilities to different businesses throughout the country for an agreed upon price. Public warehouses are an essential part of the agricultural industry, providing safe and economical storage solutions for all sorts of companies. Protected around-the-clock by security guards at convenient locations near main transportation hubs, these government regulated facilities make it easy to store and transport produce in a timely manner – making sure that you can maintain your high standards as a producer.

Bonded Warehouse

Bonded warehouses are located near ports, licensed, and operated by the government, and used to store imported goods until their custom duty is paid. These warehouses ensure that they will not provide the products to the proprietors until the customs authorities give their consent. Bonded warehouses are beneficial for importers and exporters. An importer can store their goods in the warehouse and withdraw the products in installments by paying portions of customs duty.

Functions of Warehousing

Goods Storage

Storage of manufactured goods y is the primary function of warehousing. These goods are stored in a warehouse by Top Warehousing Companies until there is a demand for them by consumers.


When goods are kept in a warehouse, the warehouse managers employed by Best Ecommerce Fulfillment Services issue a receipt in the name of the owner of the goods called a warrant as proof of the products.


The Best E-commerce Fulfillment Services offer warehousing services to deliver transportation arrangements to bulk depositors. Some even collect goods from the manufacturing place and ship products to the delivery location.

Protection of Goods

After storing, a warehouse protects the goods from potential damage from heat, wind, dust, dirt, and moisture. Warehouses have special arrangements according to the products’ requirement of a certain temperature to keep them. Warehousing cuts down losses due to less wastage during storage.


Processed products are not used in their original form. They are processed while they are manufactured to make them consumable. Certain warehouses undertake these services on behalf of the business.

Risk bearing

Warehouses undertake some risks while storing the goods. Once the goods get stored within the warehouse, their security responsibility lies upon the warehouse owner. So, the warehouse becomes liable for any loss, damage, theft, or even fire. The warehouse managers take all the protection to prevent any mishap.

Grading and Branding

Some warehouses operated by Top Warehousing Companies offer services like grading and branding products on behalf of the business. This makes for a convenient facility to get branding, mixing, and packaging products completed in the same location.

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