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Warehouse kitting is a great way for eCommerce businesses to save time and cost as well as optimize their inventory management. Kitting is a value-added service and is as essential in eCommerce fulfillment as picking, packing, and shipping. Fulfillment Kitting Services are great if you have products bought together ahead of time before an order gets placed.
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Best In-Class Kitting Service

When you partner with us at VLS for kitting we will work with you to create kits that add value to your brand without tying up more inventory. Whether you need to combine products with a new kit or un-kitting where we take your SKU’s and break them down, we are here for you.

Subscription Boxes

We know many brands are switching to the subscription model. When you partner with us for creating your subscription boxes we will work with you to create an appealing box. With today’s marketplace being more competitive than ever it is important to stand out from the crowd. That’s why when you choose us we will talk about inserts we can add, all the way to custom packing materials to make your company stand out.

What is Kitting?

Kitting Services involve pairing different individual products together to create a new SKU with multiple products, but sold as a single item. By pre-assembling separate items, businesses have the option to ship them together quickly instead of picking and packing them individually and time-consumingly. Generally, when fulfilling an order for separate products, the item gets located in the warehouse management system through the SKU code. With Fulfillment Kitting Services, businesses can bundle items that are generally ordered together to create one single unit that gets stored in the fulfillment center. Here, one can easily and quickly locate the items as a bundle and doesn’t need to assemble various products after an order.

What are the Benefits of Kitting?

Kitting in Warehouse offers many benefits for businesses, including time and cost savings. It is an incredibly useful tool in the eCommerce business because it allows retailers to offer more SKUs by combining separate ones into larger orders. Customers get encouraged to make a larger purchase when they are offered to buy a kit, often at a discounted price. Thus, businesses get to benefit from larger sales while lowering average shipping costs. Since kitting can be done ahead of time, it enables warehouses to get early of the order fulfillment operation. Fulfilling orders for these kitted products becomes more efficient because product bundles are pre-assembled. Fulfillment Kitting Services by VLS also enhance the buyer experience because the most popular products are combined.

Organization and Efficiency

Kitting is an effective way to make your order fulfillment process more streamlined. By using Kitting Services, businesses can generate fewer high-selling SKUs, making it easier for customers to organize the inventory in the distribution center. Ultimately, it optimizes warehouse space and makes it simpler to locate what is needed for the most popular product combinations by boosting the productivity of the entire fulfillment process. 

Simplify the Shipping Process

Kitting In Warehouse for e-commerce products puts them into bundles and can also make the shipping process for businesses more efficient. Automating the process will limit the risk of human error and reduce the average fulfillment time. Printing shipping labels and weighing the collected products early offers substantial time and price savings.

Reduced Warehousing Cost

Kitting SKUs take up less storage space than items stored separately in the Warehousing services. Fulfillment Kitting Services by VLS provides a level of standardization in the supply chain to simplify cost modeling. As the contents of the separate kits are predetermined, anticipating costs becomes simpler than before. 

Improve Packaging

Kitting also lowers the cost of packaging because it enables businesses to pack items together in a custom-sized box. It can decrease the size and weight of the parcels. It also saves on materials costs like packing tape and filters, which add up to the shipping volume. The savings from the reduced packaging cost is one of the ways that kitting boosts the overall profit margin. Outsourcing Kitting Services from VLS   can provide you with the benefit of their customized packaging options. So, kitting services present revenue opportunities and increased sales with maximized efficiency in the peak fulfillment times for the business.

Increased Sales

Finally, Kitting in Warehouse is also a great sales technique. Think about selling similar items in your inventory before the current products arrive to make room for new inventory. If you kit those similar products together to offer them as a bundle, you can move your surplus inventory out more quickly than selling the products individually. 

How Does Kitting Help eCommerce Businesses?

Obtaining essential things required for kitting creates the necessity for warehouse space. Quality warehouse distribution services must include providing kitting services with secure, safe, and clean storage of the elements. In addition, they must use state-of-the-art inventory tracking and floor mapping to retrieve every part as needed. Outsourcing kitting services saves money for businesses. Using Kitting Services by VLS  saves:

  • The cost and intricacy of buying and maintaining warehouse space
  • The expense of warehouse management systems

Let’s Be Victorious Together!

Victory Lane Solutions offers tailored fulfillment solutions and value-added services, including kitting. If you’re looking for a Kitting Services to improve your fulfillment strategy, reach out to VLS today!

Let's be Victorious Together!

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